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Kimberly Blackwell, MD, of Duke University Medical Center, said doctors received a standing ovation when they presented the results of Herceptin drug trials.

Medical historian Sandra Moss, MD, believes this, especially after watching a sibling undergo a minimally-invasive surgery. During operations, surgeons can see through anatomical structures such as blood vessels in the liver without opening organs therefore they can perform more precise excisions.

Information technology has also, to some degree, made life safer for the patient.

10 Top Medical Breakthroughs

The FDA approved Atripla in The patient lies awake inside an MRI scanner. Moreover, this "cocktail" approach to treatment where drugs are combined in different ways or different sequences has become a model for treating other diseases ranging from lung cancer to heart disease.

Medicine in the Future — Part I The Medical Futurist 14 July As there are so many amazing things going on worldwide in medicine and healthcare, a shortlist of some of the greatest ideas and developments would give us a glimpse into the future of medicine.

Where previously it took decades to develop a vaccine, the Ebola vaccine was ready in six months. Hide Caption 5 of 11 Photos: Johns Hopkins Researchers have found that the immune system of zebrafish controls and can actually accelerate their natural ability to regenerate their eyes.

Yancy said research shows about half of the gains in heart disease came from new treatment interventions, the other half up to 60 percent are due to prevention. Learn more Faster Diagnosis of Inherited and Lethal Nerve Disease Could Advance Search for New Treatments People with the lethal, inherited disease transthyretin amyloidosis experience progressive pain, weakness and ultimately organ failure.

In some cases these advances changed deep-seated beliefs in medicine; in others, they opened up possibilities beyond what doctors thought was possible years ago.

Fighting superbugs Decoding the DNA of bacteria is transforming the way we identify infectious diseases in the microbiology lab. In this kind of cellular immunotherapy, white blood cells called T-cells are extracted from a patient, treated at a special laboratory, and then returned to the patient to fight cancer cells.

10 medical advances in the last 10 years

ABC News, in collaboration with MedPage Today reached out to more than specialists as well as a distinguished panel of medical historians to put together a top 10 list of medical advances one decade into this century.

Targeted Therapies for Cancer Expand With New Drugs Two blockbuster-targeted therapies burst on the cancer scene in late s, and arguably changed forever the concept of cancer treatment, converting what was often a fatal disease into a chronic illness.

Over the last five years, teams from the U. Hide Caption 9 of 11 Photos: But doctors say the Internet and information technology has actually changed the way they practice medicine for the better.

In reality, this area has generated more political action than reproducible clinical advances -- the much-publicized ban on Federal funding of embryonic stem cell research was rescinded this year. New drugs based on stem cells are being developed, and the first human clinical trial based on products of human embryonic stem cells is expected in ," said Daley.

I hope you take this write up apposed to the one I was spots to write. Study Finds Heart, Cancer Risk with Hormone Replacement Therapy Until July most doctors treating middle-age women believed that giving their patients hormones -- either estrogen alone or estrogen combined with progestin -- would protect their hearts from the ravages of age that seemed to attack women after menopause.

Heart Disease Deaths Drop by 40 Percent Those looking for dramatic improvements in public health need look no further than the world of heart disease. The process, often called fMRI, traces the working of neurons -- brain cells -- by tracking changes in the oxygen levels and blood flow to the brain.

These therapies are much more direct than treatments like chemotherapy or radiation, which also attack healthy cells. Trials on kids with ALL have proven very successful, with high rates of complete remission.

Results of an international basket trial found that a drug focused on a single genetic mutation can be effective across multiple cancer types, including a common form of lung cancer and a rare form of bone cancer.

Medical Advances

While patients do not like the term adherence as they want to be partners with their caregivers rather than following orders, health insurance companies will use more and more data to check whether the patients comply with their prescriptions to decrease their insurance costs.

By that number had topped Moreover, critics say that the robot revolution is racing ahead of the evidence. Amputees are living life to the fullest, thanks to advances in prosthetics. Scientists have also cloned human stem cells and have made promising developments in stem cell therapies for heart repair and eye disease.

A similarly accelerated process was behind the approval of a meningitis B vaccine following outbreaks at two universities. Laboratory Breakthroughs and Some Clinical Advances Probably no area of research has so fired the public imagination and so ignited the fires of public controversy as that of stem cell research.

One multi-functional machine will be able to detect plenty of medical problems, biomarkers and symptoms at once.

10 medical advances in the last 10 years

Hide Caption 6 of 11 Photos: Set to debut inFast Healthcare Interoperability Resources FHIR is a kind of tool dedicated to saving money and lives by improving the speed and efficiency of health data transferal.

Medical advances have completely changed society and the way we live our lives, read how animal research has played a crucial role in these developments. Jun 05,  · 10 medical advances in the last 10 years - CNN. The material in this site is intended to be of general informational use and is not intended to constitute medical advice, probable diagnosis, or recommended treatments.

The Top 10 Medical Advances of the Decade

All products and services. I was asked in this question to write about how “Research and medical advancement in the chosen field have helped in the prevention and or control of health problems” and while doing research, and already knowing about most of these health problems, thought old write about how one of the chosen Is actually not helping us the people, but the big pharmaceutical companies, and It Is In.

What countries have lead the world in medical research and innovation during the time period between and ? Advances in future medical technology will not just repair physical disadvantages such as impaired eyesight but will create superhuman powers from having the eyesight of an eagle to having the hearing of a bat.

Advances in Medical Sciences Research in medical advancments
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